Sunday, October 09, 2005

09 Oct Tournament Day

D Day. My First Shodan Match

Met at 7am at the Dojo. Rode with Jessie, Van, Steven. Line up and Roll call at 9am. Kata Demonstration was great.
Ikkyu Matches: Tammy and Steven. Adult Kyu matches: Van (2nd round), Jason. 1-2 Dan Matches: Me, Won, Mr. Young, Jessie, Ji Su.

everyone Came out ! Mom, Len and Kids, Jay/Nhi and Kids!

Lost in first round to Keith Kawagishi/Costa Mesa. I was very happy with the match. Though lost, I was comfortable and not nervous, got some good swings. Sabumnim was satisfied.

alot of work put in 2 months/34 lbs.
1000 suburis in 1000 days
I can only get better.


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