Thursday, October 13, 2005

10/11 Oct 05

training post Tournament.

I want to take it easy this week after practicing almost daily for the tournament. I was hoping that the tape, taken by Steven, would be available but only the second tape (w/out my match) was at the dojo.

Spars with Mr Young and Jessie as well as training with a new kid, Bryan.

Came early Tues to join group warm up finishing early by 8:30pm. Plan to contact OSULA Dojo to plan visit. Rika called from Eguchi to confirm my order of Jin Kote. I requested for my name embroidered in Katakana (in silver). She said that it will take
4 weeks to get. that in November!!! Can't wait.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

09 Oct Tournament Day

D Day. My First Shodan Match

Met at 7am at the Dojo. Rode with Jessie, Van, Steven. Line up and Roll call at 9am. Kata Demonstration was great.
Ikkyu Matches: Tammy and Steven. Adult Kyu matches: Van (2nd round), Jason. 1-2 Dan Matches: Me, Won, Mr. Young, Jessie, Ji Su.

everyone Came out ! Mom, Len and Kids, Jay/Nhi and Kids!

Lost in first round to Keith Kawagishi/Costa Mesa. I was very happy with the match. Though lost, I was comfortable and not nervous, got some good swings. Sabumnim was satisfied.

alot of work put in 2 months/34 lbs.
1000 suburis in 1000 days
I can only get better.

07/08 Oct 2005

07 Oct

Short practice. still resting out the wrist for this weekend. Found with JB. Van.

08 Oct

Saturday last practice before tournament. Won. Ryan. Michael came in at 10:30 am.
Jason came along to practice.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

05 Oct 05

A bit fatigued from daily practice. Will rest tomorrow to recover.

1-0 today. Fought against Mr. Won.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Practice 03/04 Oct 05

10/03 Early at practice today. We had a visiting Sensei Parl, 7th Dan from Cypress to teach match etiquette and terms.
2-0 on practice matches. Had a spar with Hagiwara 3dan from Sho Tokyo.

Reminder: bring forearm down to defend Do. Improper to block with arms raised and lowered shinai.


Dropped off by Ellen. Practice matches today 2-1. focus on defensive moves to counter kote strikes.